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Friday, November 21, 2008

MARLENE ROSE – Creating Life from Heat and Light . . .

From an early age, Marlene Rose envisioned her art as a means of forging past, present, and future. Her innovative sculptures are sandcast by hand from molten glass in an impressive fusion of heat and light. Adding to the uniqueness of each creation is her inclusion of found objects, making each piece simultaneously ancient yet contemporary. Drawing on a Buddhist tradition, she often expresses her desire for peace through her work.

In the end, Marlene’s process celebrates the exceptional properties of glass—transparency, reflection, and luminous color—while each piece also retains the shape and texture of the materials that molded them. Within each, as the artist says, are “kept moments, shards of what I have seen, unnamed emotions, visions, concepts, and memories.” Her goal as an artist is to inject life energy into whatever she makes.

Marlene’s work is in the permanent collection of the Gulf Coast Museum of Art, Largo, FL, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Yerevan, Armenia. She’s had museum shows in Largo, FL, Santa Fe, NM, and Mobile, AL, and her work has been exhibited in galleries across the nation with many more to come in the months ahead. For more about Marlene Rose, visit her website at http://www.marleneroseglass.com .

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