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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Breathtaking New Work by Chris Groves

Art and nature have always fascinated Chris Groves. Born in Boulder, Colorado, his family soon moved to Slidell, LA, where he spent most of the next decade exploring the woods, swimming in the bayous, boating, fishing, playing with snakes and other wild animals. He grew to love the outdoors and when his family returned to Boulder he spent countless hours hiking, climbing, and camping in the Rockies.

From childhood, Groves sketched everything around him from landscapes to people, faces, rivers, and streams, mountains and plains. His interest in the life of an artist continued to grow and, after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BFA in Environmental Design, he spent the next two years as art director for two countries. On his personal time, he continued to study and hone his fine art skills.

Chris studied at the Colorado Academy of Art, the Loveland Art Academy, the Cottonwood Art Academy, the Denver Arts Students League, and topped that training off with an intense period at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Returning to the United States, Chris dedicated himself to a private, 2-year mentorship with internationally recognized artist Jay Moore. From there his reputation as a talented, exceptional artist has expanded and collectors now eagerly seek out his work.

Chris Groves presently has an exhibition at Horton Hayes Fine Art in Charleston, SC, from which the two images shown here have been drawn. If you find yourself in the area, enjoy the special treat of seeing this work in person. Otherwise, check it out online at http://www.hortonhayes.com

Horton Hayes Fine Art
30 State Street
Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 958-0014

(Top left, Santee Evening Lights, 18 x 24, oil/linen; right, After the Rain, 30 x 40, oil/linen)

-- Rosemary Carstens


ClaireWalter said...

I'm not likely to find myself in that area, but hopefully he will have a show in Colo soon too.

Laurel Kallenbach said...

I love the sleepy, watery feel of Chris's works that you show here. His Louisiana influence is beautifully apparent.

Nickname unavailable said...

Hey Chris, next time you're in Cali. Give me a buzz. "Paint the West Coast"