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Monday, April 26, 2010

Delicate, refined detail is the keynote of Karen Latham’s wildlife portrayals

Award-winning watercolorist KAREN LATHAM wields her brush like a magician wields his wand, creating brilliant depictions of wildlife in natural settings. She has exhibited extensively in the United States and England and raised thousands of dollars for wildlife and environmental conservation with her paintings. Her work helps viewers everywhere to better appreciate the natural world around them.

I first saw Latham’s work in Whistle Pik gallery in Fredericksburg, TX, when I visited recently. I walked into one of their exhibit rooms and was stopped in my tracks by the stunning beauty of an image of a swan swimming in a calm pool of dark water. It was so luminous, the brushwork so lovely. The colors were so intense I could not believe it was watercolor. Latham has developed a “secret” recipe for finishing off her pieces so that they are fully protected and do not need to be placed under glass. That alone gives the viewer an extra measure of immediacy in her work, drawing you in as though you and the subject are sharing the same space.

Latham has a degree in biology, which helps her to understand the anatomy and characteristics of each creature she paints, but it is her mastery of her medium that truly brings them to life. She has continued to develop and hone her skills: “The best artist never stops learning,” she says.

Following in her footsteps, clearly also talented and dedicated artists, are her two daughters, Bonnie and Rebecca, also represented by Whistle Pik. The work of all three artists can be seen on the artists’ website as well as through their galleries. 

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Jerrie said...

I can't believe it's watercolor. That's such a difficult medium. Wonderful work.

ClaireWalter said...

Photographic perfection -- a bit like the Vermeer of wildlife, 21st century style.

Andy said...

The swan seems almost photo-realistic - I couldn't believe it was done in watercolor. That's amazing! Thanks for this interesting post, Rosemary!
Best Wishes