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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Andrea Kemp—Rising Star in the Art World

I recently spent a wonderful afternoon at Denver’s Saks Galleries LES FEMMES: Women Artists of Note exhibition and had one of those “oh YES” moments upon meeting Denver artist Andrea Kemp and viewing her work. A remarkably talented young artist, Kemp’s paintings are breathtaking.

Speaking about where her inspiration for new work
comes from, Kemp related being influenced by something the great American poet Ruth Stone, now in her 90s, once said. Stone related that, when she was growing up in rural Virginia, she’d be out working in the fields and would feel and hear a poem coming at her like a thunderous train, barreling down on her, shaking the ground beneath her feet. The only thing she could do was run like hell to the house for a pencil and paper to get it down before it raced past her in search of another poet. What a vivid image! One that Kemp completely identifies with. An idea for a painting emerges, growing stronger and stronger, grabbing her by the neck—refusing to let go until she’s brushed on the last beautifully crafted brushstroke:
My journey as a painter takes me to new places . . . presenting unique ideas and challenges [often] paralleling other events in my life. Painting is a teacher [and] its possibilities are boundless. It’s a large part of who I am and its meaning is ever changing.
Luv Me Luv Me Not
Kemp grew up in Glenwood Springs, CO, and began painting seriously at the age of 15. The chance to study with nationally acclaimed painter Daniel Sprick, “provided a life-changing foundation for my painting and drawing. His disciplined approach set a great example,” Kemp says. After high school, Kemp studied at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Connecticut, and then completed her BA in Fine Arts at the University of Utah.
In December, Kemp’s work will be exhibited in the 3rd Biennial American Art Invitational, December 3-31st at Saks Galleries, 3019 E. 2nd Ave., Denver, CO. She will also be having a one-woman show at the gallery in 2011.

To see more of the artist’s work:



Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought they were photos! Ms. Kemp does a great job with realism and what beautiful compositions! She looks so young. Thank you Rosemary for bringing great insight into local artists. Karen Lin

Gail Storey said...

Really beautiful work by Andrea Kemp, thanks for writing such an illuminating post about her. I especially appreciated her quote about painting being a teacher (as writing is for us writers).

Laurel Kallenbach said...

I love the almost photographic quality of Andrea's paintings! Also, it's interesting that she does studio paintings!

José said...


Her artistic future does seem bright.
This kind of quality is not exempt from hard work and discipline.

Best regards,