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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Discovering Shawna Moore . . .

Wandering around Canyon Road during my last trip to Santa Fe, I stopped in at Darnell Fine Art at 640 Canyon and discovered the intriguing work of Shawna Moore. If you haven’t seen her paintings, you have a treat in store! The more you gaze, the more their depth and intricacy reveals itself in her skillfully crafted encaustic work. About her present show “MOSAIC,” the artist says the work “deals with bringing together individual parts that when viewed in isolation have a less recognizable value, but when combined in the montage of a multilayered painting, the separate parts unite to make a whole.”

Moore has been including elements of cursive handwriting and random marks in her recent work, layering, obscuring, revealing them to create mysterious, almost spiritual elements in her paintings. At times they seem to emerge from some deep geography of the mind, a blending of nature and literature. She continues to draw from a deep well of daily experiences and discoveries both in her home state of Montana and in her international travels. These images and memories are as essential to the final product as the long hours she spends melting, coloring, and manipulating wax. As she puts it, “Mosaic describes the constant evolution I desire in my work and is based on the change and buildup of all the influences that have come before.”

Educated in fine art, architecture, and drawing, Shawna Moore’s paintings are at first glance large and bold, totally abstract. But if you take a moment to sit quietly in front of them and look deeply you will be drawn into their mystery, their swirling colors, text, and markings that blend together in textured layers to create something entirely fresh.

If you are in the area, stop by and take a look for yourself!

To view more images, go to the Darnell Fine Art website, or
visit the artist's website at http://www.shawnamoore.com
or her blog: http://www.shawnamoore.blogspot.com/

(Top left, “Whisper,” 40 x 20; Right, “Token,” 40 x 40; Lower left, “Prayer Flag Yellow,” 20 x 20. All paintings are encaustic on panel)


Jerrie said...

Love discovering a new artist. Mind expanding.

Alicia Tormey said...

These are beautiful works by Shawna Moore - Thank you for sharing your art discoveries here. I love the work of Chris Reilly too. As an encaustic painter myself I can appreciate what goes into creating these amazing works of art. Great Blog!