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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Power of Personal Statement: MATT SESOW

MATT SESOW is a full-time painter, living and working in Washington, DC. His powerful, expressionistic “outsider” art is the talk of the town. Six years ago, Sesow began his annual “31 Days in July” project and this year’s results are just out. Each day during the month, the artist begins a unique 30” x 40” painting in response to an article or series of articles on the front page of the Washington Post print edition. All 31 paintings are completed by midnight July 31st. Most of these will be available for sale to collectors and galleries. The images here are from this year’s marathon month and you can see all 31 paintings at http://www.sesow.com/31days.htm

The image to the left is “Line of Fi
re” and was inspired by a story on children and civilians shot in Iraq, postal service changes, and the “bottom line” on health care. The image to the right is “Sting” and was inspired by a front page story with the headline, “Bernanke Jabs Back at Fed’s Criticism.” Born in Omaha, NE, Sesow suffered a tragic childhood accident when he was struck by a landing airplane near his rural home and a propeller severed his arm. Doctors were able to reattach it at the hospital, but his dominant hand had to be amputated. He achieves more with the remaining hand than most do with both. Sesow’s work is explosive and bold. His paintings come from the gut and are filled with tension that is immediately arresting. Each stroke appears to be blasted onto the canvas and his portraits are particularly gritty, expressive, and in-your-face. No hearts and flowers scenery here, the artist strives for emotional, personal interpretation and achieves it heartily. Take a look!

Here’s a video interview of the artist:


Jerrie said...

I'm such a fan of outsider art! Thanks for this.

Bonnie Gangelhoff said...

I am a big fan of outsider art too. There's a great gallery in Seattle that specializes in it. Check out Garde Rail Gallery at www.garde-rail-com.